A really fit young man sitting comfortably on a sofa, an open book in his lap, resting his eyes a bit. Perhaps daydreaming a little ^^
I know there are lots of mistakes in this drawing - his waist is far too slim, his hands doesn't look exactly right and I screwed up the perspective - but I do like this drawing a lot, even though he ended up with a lot more muscle than I originally intended. I really wanted to prove to myself that I can draw male characters too and, not least, I wanted to shock you, my visitors, a little bit too, by not drawing a young and cute girl, just for a change^^ I am of course aware, though, that this might add to the suspicion among some of my visitors, that I might in reality be a girl... ^o^
As usual - and this goes pretty much without saying by now I guess - I didn't have any reference pics when I made this drawing, but I hope he turned out reasonably anatomically correct. Muscles are pretty much a whole science you know ^^

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