A girl sitting in the grass in a park somewhere, apparently getting some dirty pictures taken of her. Those cross-shaped earrings might make you belive that she is a faithful, beliving, christian "good girl", but as I figured it, she`s far from a traditional christian - she`s bought something from an occult bookstore, she`s got a pendant in the form of an inverted pentagram hanging around her neck, and in her eyes too, pentagram-patterns can be seen, glittering in the sunlight...
This is an interesting drawing, I think. Wicca and the occult are interesting subjects, and I wanted to make this girl not only look "occult" but also slightly evil, hence the pentagrams (which really doesn`t really come to their right here, I`d say - they`re more clearly visible in the original drawing).
Her breasts (yes I know you`ve been looking at them) are far too big, of course, but that`s just the way it turned out. I just jutted them down in order to get something to work with when sketching out the drawing, but as the lines turned out quite impossible to erase, I let them be. I hope you don`t mind - I`m pretty sure she doesn`t ^_^

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