Yes I know it's a bit late, but here's my character Mei at last, wishing you a merry christmas, wearing nothing more than a pair of socks ^^
When I showed this to a few of my classmates they thought it was really sexy, and one of the girls thought it was really cute with Mei "giving herself to someone as a christmas present" ^o^ Well, I actually hadn't seen it in that way at all - I just wanted to draw Mei lookin cute in a pose I hadn't tried before, with "merry christmas" written on the sheets just to add to the christmas mood, but yes, maybe this drawing is pretty romantic after all ^^
In any case, as I coloured the pic, I have to say that Mei turned out a lot sexier than I had expected ^^ *growl* *prrrrr* *woof woof* #^o^#; I couldn't get that arm of hers to look all right, but I hope that hasn't ruined the pic completely.

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