Mei and Saga sleeping in a big comfortable-looking bed, with the morning sun shining down on them through a window nearby, showing that yet a new day has come to wonderland ^_^
Ah, I really love to draw Mei and Saga, and this time we get to see them wearing cute pyjamases instead of their usual dresses. Saga looks a little anxious, but Mei seems to be feeling totally at ease. Apparently the quilt of the bed was too hot for the night, so they simply kicked it down towards the end of the bed, which it a good thing for us, as we wouldn`t have been able to see much if they hadn`t ^_^
And, about the bed; purplish-pink sheets and green quilt and pillows - I don`t think anyone`s tried that combination before - I love artistic freedom ^o^ The proportions in this drawing didn`t work out as they should have done this time *either*, but what could I have expected.
Well anyway, I hope you like it ^_^

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