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Just some useful links to sites that I like. No particular order - I just place the banners in a fashion that I think looks good. The sites I link to are ones that I feel can be of some use to visitors of all ages, which means adult-only sites will be rare here. Also; I won´t post any links to japanese artists pages - instead I will concentrate on sites in english and/or swedish.

Want to link to me? Yay! If you do, feel free to use this little banner I´ve created.
Want to exchange links? Well, I do want to focus on links to other fan artists, like me, so if you`re an artist and have got a homepage/gallery, just ask me and I`ll see what I can do ^_^ You`re not an artist but have got an *extremly* cute site? Ask me - maybe I`ll exchange links with you anyway ^o^

Please link to the front page at

VG Cats
My nr.1 favourite online comic. 100% videogame-centered
humor, and really well drawn too :)

A hilarious story about a virgin scholar and a demonic princess.
Warning: Contains some nudity!

Mako Fufu's Homepage
The great homepage of a really really talented artist.

History of Hyrule
Melora has created this really nice site with info and artwork related to the Zelda games.
Her fan art is just beautiful! (You can find it under "Extras/Fan art".)

A pretty and well-designed artwork site, with artwork by both
manga-style, fantasy and 3D artists.

Ryuu Miko
The cute little page of a friend of mine.
Artwork, stories and more.

The homepage of a musician friend of mine.
You can even listen to some of his music!

This site belongs to a Norwegian girl who
draws some really cute artwork, and more ^^
Interesting and colourful artwork
and a good-looking website here.

Red Halo`s
Some really great artwork here - lots of it being
drawings of cute and sexy boys ^_^
This swedish girl makes some really charming artwork
and has got a really good-looking homepage.

Media Miner Fan Art
Thousands of fanart pictures here, from hundreds
of dedicated fanartists. You can even see and
comment on some of my drawings HERE.

If you´re into anthropomorphic stuff,
check out Furnation; maybe the biggest
directory of furry-artists on the net.

Another furry directory.

A good place to start with if you´re into cosplay.
Angel has a really cute site, her costumes are great, and she´s
even made her very own Devil Hunter Yohko-costume!

Anime Web Turnpike Your #1 Guide to the Anime and Manga Internet World! Or so they say.

The CG Shrines
A great site with lots of artwork, both fan and professional,
of several different (female) anime- and game characters.

A great place for would-be fantasy artists from around the world, located right here in Sweden!
[Site in swedish] THE swedish roleplaying-game site.

Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen
[Site in swedish] Just a link to the Swedish Society for Nature
Conservation, or "Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen" in swedish.

All characters and all artwork within these pages are copyright 1998-2004 Andreas Larsson, unless otherwise stated. Please don´t alter them or put them on another website without my permission.
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