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c u t e  a r t

Hello and welcome, dear visitor, to my homepage.

Due to a burnout my health is not what it used to be. I have headaches and mostly rest, trying to recover.

I will hopefully update this website again when I feel better, but until then I have started awhere I post texts and sometimes simple drawings. Feel free to stop by if you have the time.


 Recent big updates:
04/14/04   A new drawing of Yohko uploaded.
04/12/04   Two drawings of Mei uploaded.
03/25/04   The links page updated.
01/04/04   A christmas drawing of Mei uploaded.

[00-00-00] What´s up? [07-14-04]
Or, in other words; what are my current projects, that might end up here?
(50% means that the drawing has been fully sketched out and inked.
100% means that it is inked, coloured and ready to be scanned.)

A glimpse of things to come...

  • A boy and a girl having fun in a tree ("adult") Most recent update
  • A sketch of Saga (and she's wearing a new costume).

What a cutie!

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The current weather in Tokyo,
where I previously studied.
The current weather in Malmö - the biggest
city close to my home university in Sweden.

*the So Cute Award*
Huggs and kisses to Kimikat for giving me
this great award ^_^

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