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Gallery - page two
  Welcome to my gallery - here you can find a lot of the drawings I have made - almost exclusively drawings of cute girls - ranging from really old drawings from several years back, to my most recent ones. Some of the artwork here is "adult" artwork, so be careful if you don`t wish to look at such material. I hope you will enjoy looking at my drawings, as, despite their shortcomings, I have put some effort into making them, and I`d love to hear what you think of them. Anyways, here they are. Newer artwork towards the top of the page. Use the menu below to choose between pages with older or newer artwork.  

Thanks to Krister Sundelin for letting me use his parchment-design.

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mei12.jpg [116k] Original size: A4

Oh yes, a new drawing of Mei! It was a while since last, but I hope this one was good enough waiting for, because I really like how this drawing turned out!!! (And you don`t hear me saying that too often...

ecchi05.jpg [90k] Original size: A4

Mature content

morrigan01.jpg [51k] Original size: A4

Morrigan, from Darkstalkers. I bought a manga featuring most of the girls from Capcom`s fighting-games one day, and I sort of thought Morrigan looked quite nice and charmingly evil, so I thought...

yohko07.jpg [94k] Original size: A4

Now ain`t that cute!? Mmmhmmm, I haven`t drawn Yohko this cute in a long time and, after all, maybe I overdid it ^o^ Not much else to say about this particular drawing... I had never drawn anyone in that pose...

yohko06.jpg [95k] Original size: A4

The background to this drawing is that I one day decided that I wanted to see if I could draw a girls behinds, and this drawing of Yohko is the result. I admit, that dress of her`s sure seems to be *very* skin-tight...

yohko05.jpg [62k] Original size: A4

Hum, hum. Yohko again. I never get tired of drawing her...I hadn´t intended to show you this drawing, as I think that it just looks too small and simple, but as I was sitting among my boxes and bags in my...

ecchi04.jpg [79k] Original size: A4

Mature content

furry03.jpg [53k] Original size: A4

My second real furry drawing, and my first attempt at drawing Fifi La Fume from Warner Brothers' Tiny Toons. As someone expressed the complaint that my drawing of Gadget wasn´t enough curvy, I thought...

ecchi03.jpg [79k] Original size: A4

Mature content

mei11.jpg [107k] Original size: A4

Ah, how sweet... Mei plaiting Sagas hair. Why are they sitting calmly and peacefully among the smouldering remains of a razed fortification, you might ask? Hrm, well, your guess is as good as mine really...

misc06.jpg [113k] Original size: A4

What on earth did I think of when I drew that arm of hers!? Her hand is so tiny I should have noticed it long before I inked it!!! Apart from that though, I think she´s very cute and sweet looking. And, as...

mei10.jpg [104k] Original size: A4 *Risqué*

Oh, no! This is terrible! Mei and Saga getting harassed by some *evil* villain, forcing them to do naughty things to each other. I promise! Can´t you see the sword in the lower-right corner?!

furry02.jpg [62k] Original size: A4

Well, what can I say...? Gadget, from Disney´s Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers, is probably one of the cutest little mice ever conceived, so I just had to give it a try drawing her. I haven´t really drawn a Disney...

ecchi02.jpg [69k] Original size: A4

Mature content

misc05.jpg [95k] Original size: A4

I had thought about adding a lit candle somewhere in the background of this picture, but changed my mind in the last minute, so maybe it got a little darker than it could have been, with not much more than...

misc04.jpg [73k] Original size: A4

I pictured this girl as a mix between a demon, a cat and a girl, and for that skirt of hers I drew some imagination from what I could remember from a CD-sleeve of a Hikaru Utada album I saw in Japan last...

furry01.jpg [61k] Original size: A4

He he, well, what did you know... It´s a furry-like girl! And she looks somewhat playful, don´t you think =D

mei09.jpg [94k] Original size: A4

I actually hadn´t intended to show this drawing here in the gallery as it was meant simply as way to give the miscellaneous-section a little more atmosphere and feeling, but in the end I figured, why not...

misc03.jpg [39k] Original size: A4

Oooh, I really like how this drawing turned out. He´s good looking for sure. Drawing men isn´t as boring as I thought it to be. I´m sorry that this drawing of a man, just as the last one, is just portrait of a mans...

ecchi01.jpg [70k] Original size: A4

Mature content

Pages with newer artwork <---   4 | 3 | 2 | 1   ---> Pages with older artwork

All characters and all artwork within these pages are copyright 1998-2004 Andreas Larsson, unless otherwise stated. Please don´t alter them or put them on another website without my permission.
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