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Something resembling a diary

April seventh, 2002 - On my way to Mito

I`m sitting in a highway bus on my way to a place called Mito, to meet a woman I`ve recently gotten to know. I have no idea about what she has planned for the day, but I just accepted her invitation to visit her home town as I thought it could be fun to get out of Tokyo for a while. And besides, I didn`t really have any other plans for the day, so the offer was tempting.
I look out of the window and just take in the view before me. The bus is speeding on one of the many freeways that span Tokyo. The road, like a huge snake, making it`s way high over small houses, temples, baseball fields, streets and rivers, it`s height only surpassed by the many highrising apartment complexes and skyscrapers sticking up here and there, it`s contours getting hazy and eventually disapperaring in the distand, this gloomy april day, the skies heavy wth ain.
The freeway sometimes rises up over rivers and other freeways, sometimes being joined by other freeways, becoming one, sometimes splitting up into two.
I look down on cars, people and boats, the traffic still quite scarce, this early sunday morning. It sin`t my first stay in Japan, but the views I see every day still impress me, and I can only hope that it will never cease to do so.
The bus has now made it`s way out of the city, forests and fields spreading out on both sides of the road.
This might be a very nice day. The rain is said to end around noon.

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