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Some (more) awards.

(You did see the award on the index-page, right? ^_^ )

Huggs, thanks and kisses to Angel-Bee for drawing this award with my characters Mei
and Saga and totally blowing me away!!! ^_^

Abbey put together whis lovely little award for me ^_^
Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version.

Many thanks to Abbey for giving me this new award!
Thank you for the kind words ^^

Thanks and kisses to Niko-Chan for giving me
the *four* awards above!

And, no, those katakana really doesn´t mean anything, but it does look nice :)

Fan Works Award
Thanks to Kristina at Go Anime! for this award!

This Web Page Is So Cute Iīm Getting A Cavity Award
Thanks to Nice Dream~er for this cute award :)

Cute Website Award
My first award, given to me by
Ann and Kristina!

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