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About me, my drawings and this website.
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Andreas Larsson
I currently study japanese in Tsukuba in the central Kanto area of Japan. It's the third time I'm studying in Japan so I guess the excitement is long gone, but there's always something left to discover ^^ Originally though, I come from the deep forests in northern Sweden.
I love: Humble but open-minded people, artwork, women/girls in dresses (God I love that!).
I hate: People that uses tobacco, women/girls in shorts.

I am a student - special fields includes japanese and national economics.
In my spare time I...
Draw cute drawings (mainly of girls, by some reason) and I also work out (weight-lifting) and go jogging every once in a while.
Everything japanese in general, and drawing cute manga-inspired drawings in particular. Among my other interests, chinese dresses, fantasy, roleplaying games, nature, folk-music and everything cute, are worth mentioning.
Music I like
Vanessa-Mae, Utada Hikaru, Era, Blind Guardian, modern folk-music like Fjeld and Väsen, J-pop and more...
Favourite movies:anime
Devil Hunter Yohko (Cute, sexy and with a wonderful atmosphere)
Doomed Megalopolis (A wonderful mix of supernational themes and reality in early 20th century Japan)
My Neighbor Totoro (The perfect movie for children all ages)
Plastic Little (As beautiful as all of Satoshi Urushihara´s drawings)
Project A-ko (A great parody on the whole genre)
Record of Lodoss War (The best piece of fantasy ever, and with a wonderful soundtrack)
Sakura Taisen (Actually I haven´t seen many minutes of this series, but it´s got wonderful character designs, music and setting)
Tenchi Muyô! (Fast, fun and with great characters)

Favourite movies:other
Nothing with explicit violence and/or a bad script, witch pretty much eliminates almost everyting American...
The Lord of the Rings movies (they have their shortcomings, but I still consider them to be among the best movies ever done).
Star Wars (the old ones)
The Bond movies can be entertaining (the really old ones, that is)
The movies from Soft On Demand, Waap, ShuttleJapan and perhaps GGG (don´t ask and I won´t have to tell you)

Well, let´s stop there shall we.

Well, as I´m not going to get very deep into that question on any filosophical level, let´s just say that Practise, Practise and yet more Practise can be a good thing in the context. (Not that I´m more than merely mediocre at drawing, but that advice is always true.)
Personally, I have been drawing anime-style for some six years now, slowly learning it by myself.

One big disadvantage or advantage - depending on how you see it - is that I don´t EVER copy existing artwork in order to improve my skills. I know that´s a great way to improve ones drawing skills quickly, but I just can´t - it wouldn´t feel as if I had accomplished anything in my own right... It´s a pity though... Darn pride...

Anyway, hardwarewise I prefer to use a mechanical pencil with coloured leads to sketch out the drawing itself. I have only found one label of coloured leds, from Pentel, and they work just fine. I prefer using a blue, red or greed led. You should try it, really - it´s much more fun than using standard leds and they don´t smear or leave fingerprints.

If I think the drawing is good enough I then ink it using a *really* thin-edged pen (0,05 in size - the thinnest there is, I believe). If I´m still alive after that, I colour the whole thing with some coloured pencils. So far I´ve used pencils from Derwent, Faber-Castell and Supracolor, but as long as it has the right colour the brand doesn´t really matter - I just choose the colour that fits the scene best.

As for the paper, I choose a good quality, thick paper, that can reasonably withstand time without getting miscoloured.

The drawings that I eventually find pretty enough to put online I then scan with my brand-new pretty little scanner, after which I load the drawing into Photoshop for a final touch-up of the colours (as the scanned image always seem to end up looking a little bit pale).

Recently I have also begun retouching my new drawings more heavily with Photoshop, but I always try to keep true to the original.

Computerwise, I don`t have much to play with, but I do have a Fujitsu notebook - not much but it`s something to plug the scanner into anyway ^_^

Hum, hum...
Well, that´s it I suppose.

This website is, as you most probably have noticed, my personal homepage and gallery, with the gallery, showcasing my drawings, being the main focus.

As I intend to keep and maintain these pages for a long time, I have got my own domain name so that my adress will never have to change. This, and the fact that I don´t run the site on a free advertisement-driven server, does cost me a few bucks a year, but I really think it´s worth it. Speaking of advertising, that´s something I very much dislike, and so you will NEVER have to see any advertisement banners on these pages! Now that´s a fact.

As for the drawings you can find on these pages, they are, without much exception, drawings of pretty girls. Why is this, you might ask? Well, I´m a (straight) young man, that´s why - and as such I don´t think it´s too suprising that I prefer drawing women before men. And young women are simply cuter than somewhat older ones. This is not to say that men cannot be cute too, though, and I think in a way it´s kind of sad that so few online artists draw men - even female artists seem to prefer drawing girls. Habitual patterns of things perhaps. Ah well, things might change with time.

I have tried to maintain a bright, clear and easily navigated design throughtout all pages. Colours range mostly from white to green, as well as several other bright and cheerful colours, and the fonts most often used are Courier New, Book Antiqua and Garamond, and these should for PC-users be included in Windows. Although most people nowadays use higher resolutions, I have decided to keep all pages 640x480 compatible. Furthermore, I don´t use frames, as they can cause more harm than good, but this might change in the future.

Lastly, I apologise for any and all typing errors and misspelled words, but as english and japanese aren´t native languages of mine, mistakes do happen.

All characters and all artwork within these pages are copyright 1998-2004 Andreas Larsson, unless otherwise stated. Please don´t alter them or put them on another website without my permission.
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